New studies have found that without Milk and Calcium in ones diet, it can effect you in negative ways.

Some of the findings have shown that one can suffer from:

Osteoporosis: Caused by the inadequate intake of calcium. Partiularly if you are female you are very likely to suffer from Osteoporosis, a disease characterized by extreme bone loss.
Colon cancer: People who drink milk regularly are less likely to develop colon cancer, studies have shown.
Blood Pressure: As a result of research found in the United States, a large intake of Vegetables, Fruits and regular calcium will lower the blood pressure than fruit on its own.
Type 2 Diabetes: Over 10 years a study was conducted on over 3,000 overweight adults and it was found that when these adults drank milk and ate dairy products the risk of Type 2 diabetes decreased in young adults.

Drink Moo Milk - Stay healthy!

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