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You Should Be So Lucky

To celebrate our launch, we're giving you a one in six chance to win a free carton of Moo Milk. Keep an eye out for specially marked cartons for the offer. After drinking your udder-ly delicious drink, look at the bottom of the drink to see if you're a winner. Simply present your winning carton to get another carton.

You never know, you could be a winner!
Moo moo, mmmm.
New Spider Flavours

We, at Moo Milk, have been at works working on some new flavours to add to our already extensive range to give you greater selection. 

Some of the flavours we have in the works include blue heaven, honeycomb and lime. These flavors will fizz up when shaken. Just like the Spiders currently out and still contain the sweet and creamy milk drink taste, while being 98% fat free.
These flavours will be on the shelves Summer 2011, so keep your eyes peeled.
Launching in schools

Moo Milk are pleased to announce that we will still be distributing our current range, including the Coke Spider that you all know and love, in school canteens. Approved by the Australian Health Regulations, we are now able to stock our products for the selling in schools. So it’s now with great enthusiasm that we say we're coming to a school near you.