You may have heard this term be used in regard to milk.

Pasteurization is a very important step used the process of making milk beneficial to its drinkers. This part of the process is used to kill any harmful things within the milk, the harmful microorganisms are destroyed by heating the milk. When the milk reaches a certain temperature it is then cooled for storage and shipped. Milk that is pasteurized may be healthier but that does not mean it does not have a perishable date, however it’s used by date is increased because of such things as pasteurization. 

Also as time has passed a new process has been created. This process is called ‘Ultrapasteurization’ or ‘ultra high temp treatment’ – this heats the milk to a higher temperature than normal pasteurization but for a shorter time. This means the process of pasteurization is quicker, and production will be more efficient and effective.

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Would you let me know whether MOO Milk is homogenized. Also, what is the type of pasteurization process used for Moo Milk? Ultra, High Temp/Short Time, or Low Temp/Longer Time?

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