For a limited time only you can download your very own Moo Milk background for free. Starring Mooky the cow and his friends. This offer will be available from the start of November for 3 days only.

Other downloadables will be uploaded to the website shortly so you can support Mooky all you need. Within this page will be animated Mooky images, a Mooky screensaver and any kind of Mooky button you can think of.

Thanks for the support.

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In celebration of the release of our new mascot Mooky the Cow, Moo Milk are proud to announce the first official Moo Milk fan competition.

Email us at moomilkcomps@moomilk.com and tell us in 45 words or less why you love Moo Milk.

Competition will end on the 28th of October so get your entries in fast.

eg. I love Moo Milk because it makes every lunchtime enjoyable, even if mum has made me a bad lunch.
Well-known hipster and indie extraordinaire Justine Cristini was recently seen on Degraves St in Melbourne, drinking a Cola flavored Moo Milk.
She is just one of the many personalities to take a liking to Australia’s newest house hold flavored milk.

We got a statement from the indie chick, "I love MooMilk so much, I drink it with every meal, and I’m almost temped to brush my teeth with it, kinda like Ke$ha with a bottle of jack but without the whoreishness."
Ms. Cristini then later withdrew her statement implying that pop sensation Ke$ha is a whore.
I am very proud to announce that Moo Milk is working on their very own online store. Any Moo Milk merchandise will be available on our online store and you are able to purchase as such from which ever country you are in!

If you require a gift for a friend who loves Moo Milk you will be able to send this gift to them wrapped without lifting a finger. The gift wrapping service will be available to anyone who needs/wants it and this service is free with any purchase above 20 dollars. That’s not all! You can choose what style of wrapping you desire, based on our colour chart.

We look forward to seeing you on our Moo Milk Online store very soon!
Happy drinking!

Meet our new family member ‘Mooky the Cow’. Mooky is our new face of Moo Milk, and with your help you can make Mooky happy by buying some Moo Milk today!  Mooky is our primary mascot of Moo Milk and inhabits a fantasy world called McMookyLand. She has adventures with her friends Mookissa and Mr. Moo.

Mooky wants to have fun, although he cares for you health, and instead of nasty soft drinks that rot your teeth, he prefers for you and your family to drink Moo Milk, as it will keep you strong and healthy.

Here are some more fun facts about cows and milk to keep you entertained and loving Moo Milk!

- One cow can make around 90 glasses of milk each day.
- In a cow's life time they can make around 200,000 glasses of milk in their life-time.
- No other drink in the world contains the nutrients of milk, and that’s just one more reason as to why it is so important and special.
- Kids need milk when they are young as it provides them with important nutrients needed in order to grow.

- When children are developing it is also important for them to have milk as their skeletal system is developing and replace bone mass around every two years – this is of course until they reach maturity.
- Milk was first delivered in plastic bottles in 1964, before this it was delivered in glass bottles.

- Without the protein content contained within milk, milk would not nearly be as frothy.
- In 1894 milking machines were created, but up to that date farmers would milk cows by hand and would get through an average of six cows every sixty minutes. Now with new technology farmers can milk up to 100 cows per sixty minutes.
- Milk began to be delivered to homes in 1942.

Moo Milk is not only just the coolest drink on and off the playground, Moo Milk is healthy and delicious. You’ll be the envy of everyone at lunch, on the playground, at the park, even at the gym when you’re drinking Moo Milk!

Moo Milk is fun for the whole family!

Enjoy some fun facts about cows and milk:
- All cows are female, any cattle that is male is referred to as a Bull.
- 90% of the world's milk supply is from dairy cows like Mooky.
- With regard to cheese, it takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese, and 21 pounds of milk to make a pound of butter. And 12 pounds of milk to make a one gallon of ice cream.
- In the United States of America, milk costs more than gasoline in a lot of areas.
- Despite the texture of milk (creamy), it contains nearly 80-95% of water. The volume of the milk comes from proteins, carbohydrates, nutritious vitamins and natural fat.
- When milking a cow, it will take nearly 345 squirts from an udder to produce one whole gallon of milk.
- A cow's udder will hold around 25 to 50 pounds of pure milk.

It is great to drink lots of Moo Milk. You will never have to worry about your bones being low in mineral density. Milk is one of the worlds best sources of calcium!

And the great thing is that Moo Milk is low in fat, so we don’t have to worry about high fat content like we do with full cream milk. Milk also contains a significant amount of vitamin C.

The exact components of raw milk vary by species, but it contains significant amounts of saturated fat, protein and calcium as well as vitamin C, a vitamin that is important to your immune. This Vitamin is found in citrus fruits and vegetables such as oranges, limes, grapefruits and tomatoes, green pepper and potatoes.