Here are some more fun facts about cows and milk to keep you entertained and loving Moo Milk!

- One cow can make around 90 glasses of milk each day.
- In a cow's life time they can make around 200,000 glasses of milk in their life-time.
- No other drink in the world contains the nutrients of milk, and that’s just one more reason as to why it is so important and special.
- Kids need milk when they are young as it provides them with important nutrients needed in order to grow.

- When children are developing it is also important for them to have milk as their skeletal system is developing and replace bone mass around every two years – this is of course until they reach maturity.
- Milk was first delivered in plastic bottles in 1964, before this it was delivered in glass bottles.

- Without the protein content contained within milk, milk would not nearly be as frothy.
- In 1894 milking machines were created, but up to that date farmers would milk cows by hand and would get through an average of six cows every sixty minutes. Now with new technology farmers can milk up to 100 cows per sixty minutes.
- Milk began to be delivered to homes in 1942.


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